“Heard any good books lately?”
A list of book narrations, non-fiction and fiction, listed at
Click here for list


“Field Trip!” A film shown at the Welcome Center for those touring
Pennsylvania Power & Light / PPL Electric Utilities headquarters:

Click here for the "Field Trip" link


American Express Business Insights - Two links:
Click here for the first American Express Business Insights link

Click here for the second American Express Business Insights link

“Let’s Connect!” Marketing / Branding voicing for New York Interconnect:
Click here for the "Let's Connect!" link

Seeburger Managed File Transfer:
Click here for the Seeburger link

Homeserve USA
Click here for the Homeserve USA link

Canon USA: Vertical Solutions:

Click here for the Canon USA link

“Waving the Corporate Flag” for Suncoke Energy:
Click here for the "Waving the Corporate Flag" link

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