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5. Nowadays, many “buyers” may only want an mp3 of your demo, but it could be that your demo CD will be your professional calling card. Remember that everything about the demo itself and the packaging matter: the copy you select, how wide a range you project, the production elements, the labeling and the packaging. All these elements add up to a "branding" of you: your castability and marketability.

6. Great demo? Comfortable with your abilities? Breathing enough to keep listening? Then -- and only then – submit that mp3 demo (or make copies of the CD) and start marketing yourself. Consider creating a website that offers your demo. Bring over the same "branding" visual elements that your CD packaging uses.

Be aware, too, that buyers these days expect niche demos – multiple choices of “you” doing different styles of content. Building that collection can become time-consuming and expensive, so start with your greatest strengths first. Eventually, you may offer not just a “Commercials” demo, but itemized “playlist” labeling: hard-sell car spots, then trustworthy, rock-solid financial firm reads, then “guy next door in dialog with neighbor” reads, and so forth. And that’s not even counting other areas like Narration, Characters, Promos, etc.

7. Marketing notes: Shoot for the top first. Find out from The Ross Reports, or Back Stage Publications, who the top voiceover agents are in your area. Send your demo to them, after calling to see if they're accepting demos. No agent? Try sending your demo to the voiceover casting directors, with a polite invitation in your cover letter to either consider calling you directly, or if they prefer, to request you through one of their favorite talent agencies. This makes the casting director your advocate.

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