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8. Still no luck? Here we go. Welcome to the gritty side of show business in the voiceover world -- so many talented people, so little time to find them all and keep them all working. Your next assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to go where the actual buying is happening: to the producers. You can find hundreds of production companies and independently contracted "freelance producers" on the web these days. Consider signing up for online casting services like,, etc. And Happy Hunting.

9. The Web Is Your Friend. (Duh.) Market the heck out of your website; it will save you some mailing costs and enhance your business image if you can direct producers to your site. However, many will still want your mp3 demo emailed to them or your actual CD on their casting file, so be ready to follow through promptly. Almost essential now is at least a basic home recording setup – at least for auditions if not actual bookings.

10. Keep the Faith. If this business were as easy as talking, everybody would be doing it. Respect the craft, commitment and commerce that go into building - day by day - this kind of career. Technology has revolutionized and democratized the industry, but buyers will still want to work repeatedly with talent that they trust and admire

-- Rick Adamson
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